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Malus Dextra, formed to make in impact in the music scene with heavy, hard hitting music designed to make you love the band for all the right reasons. Their ability to blend melodic and highly aggressive vocals in patterns that span every side of the metal genre itself, makes them a rare diamond in the rough.


EdgeOverEdge is a Hard Rock / Metal trio out of Cherryvale, KS. Blending the punishing, groove laden riffs of metal with some southern oriented licks; vocals ranging from soulful to full on monster and a rhythm section that rolls deep and hard, they've been playing local and regional festivals and clubs.

Past Artist / Unactive Artist
The Less Fortunate

 The Less Fortunate, a 6 piece Metal/Metalcore band hailing from Joplin MO. formed 2016 with Cory Taunton, Blanca Molinero, Dalton Golden, Bill Cottrill and Logan Kelley, and broke into the scene launching their self titled single “We Will Rise”.

 Following the release TLF hit the road growing fans like a wildfire across the midwest, gaining recognition for their blend of highly energetic aggression and soothing melodical sound.