FAQ - Help for bands/artists only

Before sending us mail, please read this page, perhaps your questions will be answered.

Q: I play in a band and would like to see if you are interested in working with us.

A: Please always ask yourself if your music is already good enough to obtain a record deal. In terms of songwriting / playing abilities or if you've got something special and unique to offer, are you willing to invest into the bands future? we're happy to get your demo/CD. Nevertheless, we listen to all CD's we get.

Please DO NOT CALL asking about your demo. DO NOT drop off your demo in person. DO NOT SPAM EMAIL. If we like your demo, we will contact you.

Please, only send CD's or E-Mail MP3S
 We require a full promo package/EPK including CD, band picture, biography etc.

Checklist; your package/epk should contain at least the following:

-A full contact address (name, address, phone, fax or e-mail)
-A biography of the band
-Everything that is worth to know about your product and band (did you record in a special studio, did you go on tour already and so on)
-At least one photo showing the latest line-up
-If your releases already received some reviews in the press, please also include some copies.

What do we do? We work for you!

Looking to advance your music adventure? 

You have come to the right place, we are geared to assist you in development, development of your music and band image. 

We use our years of work in the music industry and our contacts gained and ever growing to get your music and image in as many places as we can. 

Must you join TSE? NO

You can do everything we offer, the question is will you? Do you have the time and resources currently? 

We help by working for you the artist

Welcome to TraumaSphere Ent.

Demo Submission

Email MP3 to:  AR.TraumaSphereRecords {at} gmail.com