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Distribution of Album 

Distribution of News to Media and Contacts.

Networking & Promotions

Networking on behalf of Artists, promotions of Artist and music.

Media Push

Contacting Media outlets on behalf of the artist. Organizing PR for releases.

Artist Development

Artist development for image and brand. 

Radio Marketing

Radio marketing in Collage, Online and FM available. 

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A Somber Moment.jpg

Malus Dextra - A Somber Moment

Released - 10/31/2021

Bangin Bionic Beats.jpg

Malus Dextra - Bangin Bionic Beats

Released - 10/31/2021

the gate.webp

Malus Dextra - The Gate

Released - 10/31/2020

TLF album.jpg

The Less Fortunate - Self Titled

Released - 9/17/19

EOE album.jpg

EdgeOverEdge - Album 

Released - 8/13/19

Malus Dextra - Self Titled

Released - 10/31/17


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